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“like the air your breathe, abundance in all things is available to you.

your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be”

abraham hicks

success stories:

Mariya is a master coach. Her presence and energy are healing. Sometimes you meet some people and you just know they are right for your journey. That is what I feel about Mariya. I feel I am unable to describe in words how blessed I feel having her as my coach and mentor. If you are looking for some crystal clear clarity on your goals and take action Mariya is your person. She is just awesome. Thank you, Mariya!"

When I had my coaching session with Mariya, I was in a mindset of doubt about myself and my business. ​Towards the end of the session, I felt so much better about myself and that I am on the right path with my business. I felt motivated and refreshed to move forward in a positive way. Thank you so much Mariya! You are a gem amongst business and life coaches!

You have to work with Mariya!! She has the amazing ability to create a safe space while she guides you through the IEP process. I come out of every session knowing more about myself! She has an incredible intuitive sense and I get so much more out of each session because of her insights. I now approach problems areas in my life from a completely different perspective and I am so grateful to Mariya for all her guidance!

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    50 min

    250 US dollars
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