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An Expensive Lesson You Don't Have To Learn!

This month I want to share a story about my experience that happened a while ago and what I've learned or, better said, tested what I already knew but did not follow!


here is how the story goes

I was in need of online services for marketing, social media and such for my business. I have been thinking about it for while but didn't take any action to contract a professional.

Key points to know - before I went ahead and hired a person, this is how I felt:

  1. My "why" for contracting the services was to fix the lack. I wasn't aware of how much weight I assigned to a person I would hire to do the social media. In my mind, it was completely their job to do everything without involving me.

  2. I was in a very low vibration: I felt tired most of the time even though I didn't do much (the underlying cause of that for you to know is resistance that is not being addressed) and needed someone I can make responsible for my job. This was an energetic feeling.

  3. I wanted to be guided (as if other people know what I want!) and not think about this important aspect of my work. I didn't want to learn, just do some videos and that's it.

  4. It was clear to me that I highly disliked social media and marketing aspect of my work, and as a result I was unhappy with what was happening in that department - which was NOTHING. Nothing was going on because I was not inspired to do it and didn't want to do it, didn't feel comfortable doing it and didn't think it was necessary. OMG - how can anything good come out of that?!

  5. Last but not least, I was betting 100% on someone else to be interested in doing my work and saving my business.

all I was missing was magical dust!

what happened next

One day I was talking to a close friend and out of nowhere she mentions someone who she describes as exactly who I thought I needed to work with! The perfection of everything she was saying like: your business will sky rocket; you won't have enough time to service everyone; this person is so good, you will not regret it etc etc. The bottom line was that her recommendation tilted the scale and I jumped in blindly.

I contacted the person right away and was surprised that they didn't get back to me for a couple of weeks. I had to make a few attempts and then wait for unreturned call, as well. Today, I would not work with someone who has no time to at least get back to me, especially if they as good as I was told they are but back then, I ignored all the signs. I kept telling myself that this will be great.

Finally, we connected and had a conversation, not even one but two! And all I was hearing was exactly what I wanted to hear. The work was described just as I wanted. I was really happy. The services were expensive! A lot higher than what beginners charge, so I thought, this will be exactly what I need. I am investing in myself and my work, and I will get my money back in no time.

One of the reasons I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and the kind of mess I was creating was because the recommendation came from a friend and even though I teach listening to your own guidance, guess what, I did not listen to mine!

The end of this story is sad but also good. I spent the money I didn't plan to spend and got nothing substantial in return. At least this is what I thought at first, when I was wallowing in anger and blaming the person.


results and findings

Results were slim in terms of actual services. I did get a couple of useful tips that I was happy with BUT my findings after I did self-work were golden:

  • I found what I DID NOT want! And when you know that, you automatically create new desires and get clarity on what you DO want. So that's wonderful in on itself.

  • I got to work through an important belief: it's someone else's fault that bad things happen to me and replaced it fully with I am the creator of my own reality. All day, every day. Every time. No exceptions.

  • As a result, I got my power back and never looked back. I no longer blamed the person and saw this lesson as a truly inspirational experience that enhanced my awareness, and helped me get to a completely new level of understanding.

  • I learned once and for all that it's 100% true: when you not in alignment with your source - DO NOT TAKE ACTION. Do nothing. Yes, that's right. Avoid action until you find yourself feeling better, feeling joyful, feeling fulfilled and your WHY changes to something that feels good.

  • In my case, next time I am looking for a service, I would be coming into it from a perspective of co-creation NOT dependency.

When you are in alignment with your source, you attract & connect with people who are also in alignment! And together you co-create wonderful things, experiences, relationships.

  • Lastly, I shifted my feelings towards social media, marketing, videos, content and started drawing real joy from doing this work. Now it makes me happy and that's why I do it. I appreciate the work; I value the platforms that make connection possible with people all over the world; I enjoy seeing how far I have come since I started and how many tools I sifted through before I settled into my now routine; I got to understanding and clarity on what I would be needing help with if I were to hire someone in the future :)

As a prove of my shift I had a smaller, one-time service done recently and it could not have gone better! We were perfectly in sync and the results were wonderful. The person was super friendly and competent, it was such a joy to make this connection and feel great about the money spend.

To summarize: get into alignment first and then take ANY action: from a phone call to a major decision. Remember, no one can create in your life. You are a powerful, beautiful, impactful creator who can be, do or have whatever you want 💓 Listen to your guidance and you will be golden ✨


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