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Before The Day is Out: Embracing Satisfaction as Your New Goal

We all want to live fulfilling lives, but sometimes it feels like the more we strive for success, the further away it gets. We're constantly bombarded with messages that we need to do more, be more, and achieve more. But what if I told you that the key to a fulfilling life isn't found in doing more, but in being satisfied with what you have?

Before the day is out, let's shift our perspective from "I hate that Sunday leads to Monday" and "I have too much to do #overwhelmed" to a radical point of JUST BEING SATISFIED. We are setting a new intention, a new goal: being satisfied now; being content. It's time to make satisfaction our priority, and let go of the cycle of overwhelm and self-criticism.

What does it mean to be satisfied? It means being other than unsatisfied. There is no time-crunch, there is nothing you need to do right now other than what you are doing, and what you are doing is just right. Everything is about balance. You have so many commitments you are trying to keep and make yourself crazy in the process. But there is one commitment you have been willing NOT TO KEEP - being satisfied.

When you take on more than you can do, you are overwhelmed, NOT satisfied. When you criticize yourself for not getting better at handling overwhelm, you are NOT satisfied. When you are pleasing others that you also resent in the process, you are NOT satisfied. You are in control of the thoughts you think, and you can turn them in a way that makes them feel more satisfying.

It is the key - breaking into the feeling of satisfaction. You are driven because you care what other people think. You want to thrive because you want to be seen as successful by others. But if you were as driven about wanting to be satisfied as you are about wanting to achieve, there would be no issue of overwhelm. Now it's time to achieve SATISFACTION.

Satisfaction always feels like varying degrees of good. Just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should. Just because somebody wants you to do something, doesn't mean it's your obligation to do it. Just because you said at one time you will do something, doesn't mean you now have to do it. When you are on the quest to make the better person out of yourself, set a good example, overcome something you weren't able to before, set high standards, or look for ways for others to be impressed with in you or done by you, your vibration gets out of balance.

Instead, you set yourself on the quest to:

I want to feel satisfied

I intend to be satisfied

I mean to feel satisfied

I will be satisfied

I find ways to feel satisfied.

Satisfied is the key to the very soul of who you are. Satisfaction is the absence of resistance. It's a key to everything. It matters TOO much. It is through your satisfaction you get into alignment, and you get anything you want coming TO you.

Today, you stop trying too hard. You stop trying to reach or accomplish something unattainable. You stop demanding and start soothing, start allowing. You stop the tension of proving something to someone.

Today, you start harnessing your power. Let yourself go easier, softer, simpler, lighter, and into deep knowing. Let yourself be satisfied over everything else.

In conclusion, satisfaction is the key to a fulfilling life. It's time to make it a priority and let go of the cycle of overwhelm and self-criticism. Remember, everything is about balance, and when you prioritize satisfaction, you can align with who you really are and invite all that you want into your experience.

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