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Breaking the Cycle of feeling defensive: Harnessing Your Emotions for Positive Change

Universe operates on the law of attraction, which means that you attract what you put out. Your thoughts and emotions are the building blocks of your reality, and they play a crucial role in shaping your experiences. When you understand the power of your emotions, you can create the life you truly desire.

Defensiveness is a feeling that is present when you strongly resist something and respond negatively to it. It often stems from a deep-rooted belief that you are not as you want to be, whether it's rich, pretty, skinny, healthy, or loved. Defensiveness also signals a need for approval from others, which can be a major obstacle to manifesting your desires.

To overcome defensiveness, you need to work from the inside out and listen to your own guidance. When you really know something, you don't have to explain it to anyone. You just feel it and know it. The fact that someone disagrees doesn't bother you because you are secure in your own beliefs.

The key to stopping defensiveness is to focus on the positive aspects of the subject that triggers you. Words don't matter as much as the feelings you offer towards a subject. When you offer appreciative, pleasing feelings towards a subject, you dissolve the need to defend anything. You become more open and receptive to new ideas, which can help you expand your beliefs and attract more positive experiences.

You create through thought and your emotions are the indicator of what you are creating. We live in a Universe that is inclusive and it's based on attraction. By focusing on your inner guidance and positive aspects of the subject, you can dissolve the need for defense and manifest the life you truly desire. Trust yourself, believe in your own power, and let your emotions guide you towards creating the reality you want.

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