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Opening the Closed Heart: The Key to Unlocking a Fulfilling Life

Healing a broken heart can be a daunting task, similar to learning to walk all over again. As necessary as it is, we often choose to keep it closed forever because it feels too painful and impossible.

When our heart is closed, we experience feelings of emptiness, numbness, and criticalness, and seek to deny or reject what we cannot bear to feel. However, to heal our broken hearts, we must begin with forgiveness, moving through grief, and connecting to and releasing anger and guilt.

If you are walking around with the reality of "my heart is not in it," the biggest gift you can give yourself is to change this and open your heart.

Nothing in life will come to fruition without an open heart, whether it be your goals, dreams, relationships, or happiness. Although this type of healing work is deep and may benefit from having a practitioner assist you, tapping can be a helpful technique to begin the process of connecting to your emotions and exploring your feelings.

It is essential to honor your pain and take it one day at a time. You may feel sadness, anger, or resistance, but consider the alternative of a closed heart and a closed life. The journey of healing a broken heart is a courageous one, but it is possible to come back in one piece from the dark side of brokenness.

Starting with tapping is easy on your own. Learn about Simple Energy Technique (SET) here and Intention-Based Energy Process (IEP) here. The key is to get in touch with exactly how you feel. Start exploring the resentment, the pain or the situation that you still can't forgive, or maybe one where you made a mistake and that caused too much harm.

Some examples of what you might be saying while tapping:

This pain, it's still so alive in my body, in my heart

It hurts so much when I think about what happened

Pain pain pain

I don't want to think about it

I don't want to feel this

There is no way I am doing this

It's too much, too painful

I will never have this resolved and

I will never open my heart again

I can't, it's too big

And I just want to honor how I feel

I want to honor the pain

Because this pain is honoring me

I can't believe how much I am still holding onto

But the truth is, I can't forget, I can't forgive

and I won't! I refuse, yep, that's it, I will never ever do it

Maybe I don't even want to move forward from this

Maybe I like being this way and be in pain

Or maybe I am just scared

I feel afraid of going through this

and that's okay

Maybe I will take it slow and will be kind to myself

One day at a time

And take a breath. Continue voicing little by little and be gentle. You may feel sad, angry, really resistant, you may want to avoid it all together even because we are programmed this way BUT consider the alternative - closed heart - closed life.

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