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Embracing Wellness: Unlock the Power of Well-being and Transform Your Life

All is well, well-being is flowing to me at all times, I like the feeling of wellness and ease, I like feeling energetic, inspired, well, I like feeling good, I like feeling free, I like my body, I like the feeling of health, I like liking myself, I like feeling powerful, I like the feeling of love flowing through me, I like feeling worthy, I like the expansion that my life offers me, I like creating my own reality and not reacting to the conditions in front of me, I like knowing what I want and I LOVE the journey that my life is.

How often do we refer to our lives and feel about ourselves in such a positive way? The journey to wellness and well-being is an important one, as it impacts every aspect of our lives. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of appreciating where you are now, and how to shift your focus from the absence of what you want to embracing the journey towards a healthier, happier you.

The body we want, the health we want, the well-being we want, all the things we think we need in order to feel good can be manifested through practicing feeling good and making this the biggest priority of your life.

As long as we are looking at it backward, we are setting ourselves up for hard work and disappointment because we are mostly focusing on the absence of what we want. Concepts that stand in the way of well-being are stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, physical pain, lack of clarity and purpose, and these are just byproducts of consistently offered and practiced negative thoughts, unhappiness, criticism, anger, complaining, and so on. Momentum is gained through their constant application and manifestations are quick to enter your experience in the form of slight discomfort first, both mental and physical, and then developing into more and more serious issues.

Wellness and well-being are interconnected. In simple terms, whatever you are feeling at any given moment on any given subject that may have nothing to do with wellness impacts it. If you are complaining about your relationship or your mother, or worrying about money, it comes back full circle. The negative emotion that you feel is an indicator that not only are you disallowing the subject you are talking/thinking about from moving forward but you are in general disallowing the energy of well-being. When you talk about something unwanted, it doesn't only affect that subject you are focused upon, it affects your ability to allow well-being on all subjects.

The only thing to understand here is that any physical sensation is about energy moving through you every single time and it's about your relationship between where you are and where you want to be.

Every subject is really two subjects: what we want and the absence of it. We are here to choose to focus on what we want and allow that to come into our lives. We are here to change "reacting to life" into creating the life we want and enjoying the journey, the process of it every day.

Life is supposed to feel good; you are meant to feel happiness in your life, and you are meant to satisfy your dreams! The well-being that you seek is flowing to you. Just relax and feel eagerness for what is coming. Embrace the journey to wellness and transform your life into a vibrant, fulfilling experience.

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