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Expectations: Pathway to Creating Your Desired Reality

Do you know that the reality you experience is shaped by your expectations? Yes, that's right! The expectations you hold in your mind are the determining factor in creating the world you live in. So, if you want to create a better reality, practicing new expectations that please you will accomplish just that.

But, where do your expectations come from? Are they based on what you observe in your environment? If so, then it's time to start taking control of your expectations deliberately. Start fresh with new expectations, new stories, and a new life.

The first step in creating new expectations is to focus on how you want to feel. Make a list of things you want, and then analyze how each item on the list makes you feel, and then practice that feeling. Does it make you feel good, abundant, confident, or loved? When you identify how you want to feel, you start practicing the frequency of those feelings until they become your new expectations. You are in full control of fastforwarding to feelings of desired manifestations RIGHT NOW.

It's important to remember that your observations solidify your expectations, which then shape the stories you tell and ultimately the reality you live in. So, start telling yourself a new story, one that aligns with your new expectations. Remind yourself that you are the creator of your own reality, feeler of your own feelings, and thinker of your own thoughts.

As you practice your new expectations, watch for evidence of your desires showing up in unexpected ways. It could be an idea, a person, a comment, or even a smile. The universe will conspire to bring you more of what you expect, so make sure your expectations are in alignment with what you want.

Soothe yourself into alignment by focusing on how well you are doing and reminding yourself that where you are right now is alright. Tend to your feelings first, and everything else will fall into place.

Expect abundance, expect to feel good, expect the body you want, expect ease, expect success, expect clarity, expect love. It's all here for you. Start practicing the frequency of your new expectations until it comes easily and deliberately create the reality you want.

Expectations are the key to creating your desired reality. Be mindful of your expectations, focus on how you want to feel, and your life will take desired turns in to time!

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