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From Gratitude to Appreciation: Shifting Your Vibration to Manifest Abundance and Fulfillment

Appreciation and love share the same vibrational frequency. It is the alignment with your true self, where resistance, fear, doubt, and negativity dissipate, and positivity reigns. Appreciation can feel easier than gratitude at times because gratitude often stems from overcoming a struggle, which can keep you in a vibrational loop. When we appreciate, we see the world through the eyes of source, being who we truly are.

When I heard Abraham Hicks explain this, it just clicked for me because I could never really get into this “gratitude” state. When I was an athlete, I had reverse experience with this word ‘gratitude’, there were things done that I didn’t want, didn’t care about and then gratitude was demanded from me. So, I was rebelling against this concept, and it never felt natural to me. Maybe you can relate.

However, appreciation is so totally different, it feels vibrationally so good and happy. The easiest way for me to explain the difference between inspiration and gratitude is the example of inspiration vs motivation. Inspiration is is being called to who you are and motivation is trying yourself to go somewhere, that’s sort of like that.

It's important to look for things to appreciate every day and move towards a state of bliss. Sometimes, it's hard to appreciate things when we're focused on what we don't want, and we get further away from the state of being. To move towards appreciation, follow your emotions, starting from despair, moving to revenge, then hatred, anger, frustration, and hope, until you arrive at a state of appreciation.

If you find it hard to appreciate anything, start from where you are. Focus on the things that give you ease and comfort, like warm water from the faucet or the convenience of a dishwasher. Then move on to other things that bring you joy, such as the tools you use for cooking or the clothes you're wearing. Building momentum with appreciation will lead to happiness and positivity, making you a creator of the things you want in life.

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