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How to Turn Jealousy into Valuable Data for Manifesting | Part 1

Have you ever looked at someone and felt envious of something they have or do? It's natural to compare ourselves to others, but it can also lead to feelings of lack and jealousy. However, by changing the way we look at comparison, we can use it as a tool for manifestation.

When we see something we want, instead of feeling angry or jealous, we can start looking at it as valuable data. By making our desires known, the Universe begins to accumulate different experiences and shows them to us as guidance for moving towards our goals. So, observing others who have what we want is a good sign that we're on the right path.

For example, if you want a specific car, start by playing with the idea and visualizing yourself in it. You'll begin to see that car everywhere, but instead of feeling lack or jealousy, focus on the feeling of joy that comes with the idea of having it. Treat it like a catalog of things you're looking through and confirming to yourself what you like.

As you focus on what you do like, you'll start feeling relief and shifting your attention to the wanted. When you offer a different vibration, you'll start seeing wanted things in your life in no time!

But what happens when we fall into Option 1, where we feel angry and jealous? This feeling is a sign that we want something but aren't allowing ourselves to have it. We might feel undeserving or unsure of how to get it. By directing our anger or jealousy towards the person who has what we want, we're sending a message to the Universe that we're not ready for it yet. Instead, we should leave them out of it and focus on our own guidance.

Option 2. You can start looking at people that have what you want and saying "I like this aspect of them or of their business, or the life they are living, the way they travel, the financial freedom they are displaying or how confidently they behave, the way they carry themselves or the way this lady dresses or these children or I would like this car or purse and STOP THERE. The key to effectively utilizing the variety of ideas and experiences that surround you is to use them to formulate your desires. Then, turn your full attention to your own vibrational reality and your thought-by-thought relationship with it.

In conclusion, comparison doesn't have to lead to jealousy or lack. By using it as a tool for manifestation, we can attract the things we want into our lives. So, next time you see someone who has something you desire, use it as a confirmation of your guidance and focus on the feeling of joy that comes with the idea of having it.

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