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I Want It, But: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs and Aligning with Your Desires | Part 3

Do you ever find yourself wanting something so badly, but constantly coming up with reasons why it's not possible for you to have it? Maybe it's more money, a fulfilling romantic relationship, or starting your own business. Whatever it may be, it's critical to understand that you are the only one standing in your way.

When we add "buts" and argue for limitations, we create resistance that prevents us from aligning with our desires. Instead, we must focus on asking for what we want, trusting that it is already given, and aligning with it without resistance.

Step one is asking for what you want. This happens automatically as you go through life and see things you like. Step two is trusting that it is already given and aligning with it without resistance. Your inner being is already becoming what you want, and it is calling you towards it. The how, when, who, and what are not your job.

Step three is aligning with what you have asked for without resistance. You must feel good about it being real and feel the feelings of having it already. This is your job. To align, start your day with meditation, quieting your mind and lowering resistance so that you can hear the guidance, feel inspired, and notice the impulses that will lead you towards your desire.

Practice appreciation of what you have and being happy about anything and nothing. Look for positive aspects and stand in your power of receiving guidance. It's not about working towards your desire, but about receiving it and moving with it. In the beginning stages, you may feel resistance and have old thought patterns, but that's okay. You are learning and building new thought patterns all the time, becoming more conscious about what you give your attention to, and changes are happening.

To make it easier to bring yourself to a better feeling place, try tapping, a simple energy technique that can help you release limiting beliefs and align with your desires. With intention-based energy process techniques, you can apply what works and what is available to you consciously.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs and aligning with your desires is possible. Remember, you are the only one standing in your way. Let go of the "buts" and trust that what you want is already given. Align with it without resistance and feel the feelings of having it already.

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