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Master Your Emotional Health

Intention Based Energy Process, also known as Intention Tapping or IEP is a primary modality that I use in my work. This process was developed by an internationally recognized Australian psychologist Steve Wells, and I am forever grateful to him for bringing this into the world.

IEP is a simple process on the outside but it’s extremely powerful. After experiencing other modalities, I came across IEP, and was complete blown away!!! The ease of use and the results that it produced were uncanny. What I love most about IEP is that it uses free flow of what comes up; the work is centered around trusting our unconscious mind to identify what we need to work on. Isn’t this amazing?!

IEP is all about engaging with the world the way it actually is without changing or adjusting and this is what creates real freedom. Why is this important and how is this the freedom? Well, normally, we do everything possible to STOP ourselves from feeling. We deny, resist and/or reject the true feelings. If something doesn’t feel good, of course we would want to escape or numb the way we feel BUT the healing is actually in making the feelings flow, be present and honor them with no judgement. When we are on the defense, we create resistance felt in the body and this resistance is stopping us in all kinds of ways, not to mention, “what you resist, persists”.

The essence of IEP is in combining specific definite intentions with tapping. These intentions act as commands to our unconscious mind and are used to:

1. Release emotional attachments to problems, limiting beliefs, past/future pain, and unhealthy patterns.

2. Restore life energy to flow, bringing emotional balance and clarity.

3. Reconnect with inner resourcefulness.

We start with whatever you are aware of that is a problem and the way you are aware of it, whether that be thoughts or feelings, emotions, or body sensations. Then you start tapping (on any points in any order you like.) noticing and using the statements.

So, for example, if you are having an issue with making videos, start global with: I release all of my emotional attachments to making videos. Do this while tapping continually, wait and notice what happens. Typically, the next thing that will arise is either a thought or memory about the specific concerns you have about making videos (such as I will be judged), use the intention: “I release all my emotional attachments to being judged (or this image of me being judged)”.

If you had physical sensation such as headache, tightness in your chest or back, form this simple intention: “I restore the right energy flow to this [body area]: head, chest, back or whatever comes up for you. As a result, you may feel expansion followed by a deep breath (release), yawn or something else.

Using the same method, you may work through all the different parts of this problem, and any related negative attachments. Coming back to the example with making videos it can be something like (I look bad on camera, no one will listen to me, what I have to say is not valuable, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know what to say, I am afraid to be visible and out there etc etc). Whatever comes up for you, keep using IEP and tapping on all the different aspects that arise until you can think about making videos without the same negative reactions being triggered.

As Steve Wells explains, in IEP we are not concerned with the event itself, but we are more concerned about emotional attachments! That means any meanings or beliefs you emotionally attached to as a result of what happened to you, rather than the event itself.

Another important point is that Intentions used in IEP are NOT affirmations which is what a lot of people confuse them with. In some ways IEP’s intentions are the OPPOSITE of affirmations. Affirmations create attachments and IEP is all about releasing them and just being. Which is what real freedom is.

Note: IEP is not a therapy in itself and all of the descriptions of treatment and advice in this document that refer to self-help are not meant to imply that everyone will benefit in a particular way. A lack of result or progress may mean you need professional assistance. If you consider that you have long-standing or severe problems, you should consider treatment with a qualified therapist.

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