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Hello friends,

This issue of newsletter is dedicated to the 4th of July 1776. A holiday that celebrates Independence and Freedom. A day that officially made the United States of America exist.

Every year I think about this holiday and wonder what it means to different people. Is it just another federal holiday and a day off? Is it just fireworks show? Is it a BBQ with friends and/or family? What is it? What does it mean?

I think about it because I can honestly say that being an American citizen was my forever dream. It was something that I treasured and kept so close to myself because it seemed so fragile, so special, so honorable. To be a part of this Great Nation. To be a part of this Freedom, of this Acceptance, of this Different World.

I speak about this today because I want to make this day - a day that means something great to you even if there is NOTHING that goes right during the time leading up to it. I want for you to have a piece of happiness, of greatness, of love, of comradery, of meaning available to you at all times – and that is being a citizen of these great United Stated of America.

As an immigrant, I can openly speak about my love of things that I found in the US. I see them more clearly; I appreciate them all the time; I marvel at what is available here and how wonderful everything is.

Sometimes, it escapes us – how LUCKY we actually are because we never think about a possibility of not having what we have because it’s always been there. This is not a shaming or judgement statement, it’s just what happens to us. I am healthy and have legs and arms and eyes, I don’t think about the life of people who have no legs. For whom having legs is the most precious dream there is. It’s a given for me, it’s always there. I don’t notice the benefit of this or notice it a LOT less than those without them.

What I am saying is – what if the July 4th, 1776, DID NOT HAPPEN? What if the USA, the greatest of the great did not exist as it does today? Wouldn’t it be a huge heartbreaking loss for so many?

It definitely would be for me.

There are a lot of things that are invisible to us that we enjoy on a daily basis that other countries could only dream about. I am speaking on this from experience.

Experience of a person who was born and lived in Ukraine as a child and then travelled a whole lot through Europe; a person who had a lot to compare from the young age and a person who simply fell in love with the States from the first week of being here. Not in a cutsie putsie sort of way but in a way that all those people who fought for its independence fell in love with it: possibility of a new, better future.

A future that a lot of people have no options on. A future that is determined by you and for you. A future where what you love and who you love is allowed, welcomed even from time to time; where your differences are celebrated and are a subject of study, of interest; where you feel like for the first time that you can take a full breath and it’s all yours, no one standing behind you with ridiculous rules, with corruption, with threats, with absolutely no justice; a huge huge huge huge huge expansive place where you can make yourself; where you can build yourself up; where you can rely on yourself and your work, and your talents to be noticed, to be appreciated, to be well off.

Seriously, do you ever think of a world without United States? When I think of it, I feel like gasping for air. This land has made it possible for me to feel at home; to feel like I belong here; to feel like there are people who are like – minded, open – minded, free spirited, who are welcoming, who are different. This land made me feel FREE for the first time in my life.

Friends, freedom that is enjoyed in the US is rare. Welcoming of everyone in a non-judgmental way is not something you will totally experience when you travel the world. Yes, you may be welcomed as a wealthy tourist or even a paying tourist but not as a member of community, of society, of a family. Things we have going for us here are pretty special.

Before we break down into a fight and start talking about all the inequalities of race and such, I want to bring your focus back to the good. Yes, an any developing nation, US had to go through a rich historic heritage that will stay with it forever. Regardless of us changing the highway names or school names, the history, the blood, the tears, the wars, the people who gave up everything to be here and to make this land great will be in its spirit forever to stay. This is not something you can just erase with a new name. And, luckily, this nation is developing with light speed.

People of Americas learn as fast as they can; they strive to rectify mistakes, learn from them and honor what was lost so that the future can be brighter. I really admire them for this. I often see situations where Americans come together with incredible speed and determination to help others, to help people they don’t know and will never see again; to assist in all ways possible just because it’s a good thing to do; just because they can! It brings tears to my eyes every single time and my heart expands once again and feels itself with ever more love and more pride for being a part of this community.

I am not kidding when I say that Unites States has been my dream. It took me 12 years to become a citizen and looking back, I can say that I would do it all over again no matter how hard it will be.

It’s not common knowledge and, for good reason, what it takes to become a part of the USA. It’s like a medal you wear. The highest honor – Citizen of the United States of America.

Do you ever think why that is? Why so many people from all over the world consider this country the greatest place? Even though a lot of people talk about it not being so, about all the faults that US has and so on, WHY is it the MOST WANTED place to be in?

It took all I had to deserve the citizenship and to be finally considered as one of … the people. NO LONGER an an illegal alien who can’t work, can’t get a license, can’t get a promotion or a good job altogether because she needs sponsorship or even a credit card, who can’t rent an apartment or travel home any time she wants to.

It took me 8 years of very hard work to be able to visit my family in Ukraine since I came to the US because I was a student, and you can’t travel outside of the US if you change your status inside the country.

I was one of the few students whose parents didn’t make it to the graduation because their visas were denied 3 times until they finally gave up. It broke their hearts; it broke my heart. And yet, I couldn’t imagine my life as not an American Citizen.

Despite everything, I was lucky. I consider myself lucky and appreciate it all. If you are not an US Citizen and you make it here, rest assured, there is nothing at all you can’t do! A lot of my friends who were so amazing and talented, and who worked hard were not granted the luck, they had to leave. Countless faces I had to forget because their work visas didn’t even make it through the first step – lottery to be considered to enter the process. Countless and countless NO I had to hear when applying for jobs having a BA in Economics from the second-biggest school in Ukraine and not one but two MBA Degrees from the States. All because I could not check “US Citizen” or a “Green Card Holder” on a piece of paper.

Grinding took on a new meaning when I came to the US. It was a time to remember, a time to learn, a time to stay humble and a time to seriously put myself to test. It was a time to be proud and to be humble. It was a time to see what I am made of because there was no way in hell I was going to give up, I was going to pass on this opportunity to belong to something so great. To give a chance to my future children to see what good life looks like. To have an opportunity to help my parents actually retire and not work until they die.

Friends, there is a lot that you can find wrong with the United States if you want to but today, I urge you, invite you, to be PROUD and to be thankful, to appreciate every single one of the persons whose bodies and spirits saw how special this land is, who didn’t give up and who didn’t give in. They gave us all the best example of what people who are UNITED and want to be truly truly FREE can accomplish.

Happy Independence Day!

Sending Love, MM

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