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Mother's Day Tapping Series for Relief: Reclaiming Happiness & Self-Worth

This series is dedicated to providing quick tapping scripts for Mother's Day, addressing the most common complaints, issues, and upsets shared by mothers themselves. In each video, we delve into specific challenges and emotions that many mothers face, offering a pathway towards release and empowerment.

With a total of six short tapping sessions, this series aims to help you release emotional upsets and gradually build towards a sense of empowerment. Each video focuses on a different aspect of the motherhood journey, acknowledging the frustrations and disappointments that can arise, and guiding you towards healing and affirmation.

The final script in the series holds a special significance as it allows us to affirm our own goodness and power, enabling us to proactively tackle future challenges. Join us on this transformative journey as we tap into the heart of motherhood, embrace our emotions, and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

However, even if you're not a mother or caretaker, you can still use these tappings as a sample to find relief for any situation based on the topics addressed. You can do so by switching the words to your unique situations, feelings, sensations and tapping around that.

As a practitioner, I spend a lot of time with women who are mothers. Through our work, I understand the deep longing for happiness, respect, and appreciation that many mothers experience, especially on a day meant to celebrate their role.

With this series, I want to acknowledge the sacrifices, hard work, and worries that come with being a dedicated mother or caregiver.

My mission here is to help mothers embrace their emotions, giving them permission to cry and release any built-up resistance. I aim to emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and validating mothers' feelings, allowing them to tap into their own unique situations and experiences. Whether using their own words or simply tapping while feeling the emotions, participants are reminded that they are doing great and that healing is within reach.

Here are the links for all six videos in the series. Go through all of them or choose the ones that resonated with you and finish your tappings with #5,6 regardless of what issues you went through. Click on the videos to watch.

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