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The Illusion of Perfection: The Toxicity of Striving for the Unattainable

Introduction is unnecessary for perfection, as it is the ever-present cloud blocking your sun. The roots of why one may strive for perfection are deep and varied, yet the results are the same.

Perfection breaks down your confidence, belief in yourself, abilities, and self-esteem. It breeds a constant "I need to compare myself" attitude and reinforces the belief that "I am not good enough." Perfection is a gift that keeps on giving, putting a hold on your life.

As someone from a professional athletic background, perfection was drilled into every aspect of my life. It shaped my behavior, view of life, self-worth, and value. Anything short of being #1 was a failure. Looking back, I have compassion for myself and my struggles. Achieving my version of "perfection" was not about love, recognition, or celebration; it was to avoid punishment, humiliation, shame, or worse. All I wanted was neutrality.

My life became a constant chase of an illusion that perfection represents and can be achieved. However, perfection does not exist; it only lives in our minds and is based on a version presented to us. Trying to achieve it becomes toxic and leads to giving up on oneself. The n

eed to numb oneself from not reaching perfection only leaves one feeling empty and broken.

Recovering from perfectionism is possible! You can and will turn things around and feel with your heart with surety that you are in control and the only alignment you need is with yourself (your inner being).

Give yourself a chance: experiencing life, being present, and feeling joy every day is possible.

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