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Unlocking Your Inner Healer with this Technique for a happier & A Healthier you

Simple Energy Technique (SET)

Simple Energy Technique is the approach used with Intention Tapping. It was developed by Sydney-based medical practitioner Dr. David Lake and Perth-based psychologist Steve Wells.

SET is super simpler version of tapping and this is how we use it. You can simply tap on any points any time you want! No need to wait for something to bother you. Adding just 30 minutes of tapping to your day can decrease stress, increase your energy, and improve your well-being overall. Tap as much as you want, any time you want and soak in the benefits. Make sure to drink water with tapping to help the energy move.

To use SET with any emotional or physical issues, simply focus on the issue and tap. Stay quiet or voice everything and anything (it’s important to give negative thoughts a voice) that comes up for you, let those feelings flow, accept and honor them and keep tapping until you feel better.

Source: Steve Wells, Tapping,, 20-2022

So, what is tapping and how to do it?

Tapping points are acupuncture/acupressure points where an acupuncturist would typically put a needle (see image 1). Tapping on these points has been found and proven to act like a physical switch - like a light switch that physically turns off the fight-or-flight response and lowers cortisol and adrenaline in the body. That means you start to feel calmer and your brain switches from narrow thinking, racing fear mode to "smart mode" full of ideas, clarity, and better decision making.

Suppose you think about something you might have coming up in the near future that you're a little nervous about, such as presenting in front of the crowd or a confrontation with your boss, a difficult conversation, anything that makes you anxious and nervous. In that case, you know how you can think about it and then start to feel these feelings?" That's what it means when we say the mind-body connection. you are thinking a thought, your mind is tuning into something, and it's actually turning on a physical response in your body. It's turning on the fight-or-flight or stress response. That means adrenaline runs in your body, and you start to feel it more and more.

Commonly used tapping points are (face):

1.The eyebrow point - on the inside of either eyebrow

2.The side of the eye point - on the edge of the bone

3.The under the eye point - on the edge of the bone, right in the center of the eye

4.The under the nose point - between the nose and the lips

5.The chin point – on the cleft of the chin

6.The collarbone point - find the U-shaped bone at the base of your neck (it has two points), and if you go down from those points, there’s sort of an indent. (It’s a great calming point that can be used just on its own)

7. The under the arms point - where the bra strap is on a woman, so about four inches down from your armpit.

8.The top of the head point - right in the center of the top of the head

Finger Points - if you hold out your right hand, looking at the back of your hand, on the left side of each fingernail is an acupressure point that can be tapped. The left hand is the mirror image, so if you hold your left hand out, the right side of each fingernail is an acupuncture point.

Discreet “one hand” Tapping - the fingertip points are convenient and can be discreetly used if you use your thumb, on the one hand, to tap on the side of your fingertips/fingernails on the same hand. This can be done underneath a table at a meeting, or down by your side if you’re in a public situation where you need to calm or center yourself without being noticed.

If you want to help someone that is a close personal relationship, or a child, you can offer to tap on them. Even if you tap on them with no words, it still works—because the power is in the physical switch. It can be used at bedtime when there are sleeping issues, e.g., with your children. It could be minutes of Tapping and a few little words here and there, and results will follow. HAPPY TAPPING!

Learn about research on tapping results at

Note: SET is not a therapy in itself and all of the descriptions of treatment and advice in this document that refer to self-help are not meant to imply that everyone will benefit in a particular way. A lack of result or progress may mean you need professional assistance. If you consider that you have long-standing or severe problems, you should consider treatment with a qualified therapist.

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