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Soothe Yourself and Gain Control Over the Way You Feel in Any Situation

We've all experienced negative emotions at some point in our lives, whether it's stress, anger, frustration, hate, sadness, or a feeling of struggle. These emotions can be overwhelming and it's easy to fall into the trap of constantly trying to fix and improve the situation, even when it's not the right time. But did you know that there's a counter-intuitive step you can take to gain control over the way you feel?

The answer is simple: give up. That's right - instead of struggling against your thoughts and feelings, take a step back and let go. This may seem counterproductive, but it's the key to regaining control over your emotions and finding inner peace.

When you first feel a negative emotion, your practiced instinct may be to take action and start fixing things. However, this is the worst time to do so. Instead, take a counter-intuitive step and give up. Don't struggle in the thoughts that are holding you hostage in these feelings and don't struggle in the experience that is not giving you what you want. Relax, let go, and trust the process.

You may be thinking that you have to take the negative situation and solve it, or that you have to take the thought that feels bad and turn it into a positive one. But this approach doesn't work. The more you try to fight against your negative emotions, the bigger they become until they feel out of control. This is the time to trust the well-being, comfort, and goodness of who you are, and let the power of the Universe demonstrate to you the ease that you are looking for.

It's important to understand that you don't have to struggle to succeed. You can't struggle and succeed, and you don't have to try in order to accomplish. Your work is done - everything you want, including ease, comfort, happiness, and joy, already exists in your vibrational reality. You put it there when you were experiencing life and contrast. Now it's time for you to claim the benefit of it.

To soothe yourself and gain control over the way you feel, start by trusting the process. Distract yourself any way you can! Take a moment to do breathing exercises; move your body (dance or shake yourself "shake it off"); sing if the space and time allows - vocalization is a powerful tool when it comes to moving energy, not to mention the healing qualities of music, sound itself; take a shower or a bath; watch a good movie; go for a run/walk/swim; place yourself in nature and relax. The point here is to allow yourself to shift the focus from the situation or thoughts that are eating at you onto ANYTHING different that feels good or better. Tapping, of course, is what I go to (SET or IEP).

In conclusion, the power of letting go is the key to gaining control over the way you feel in any situation. Instead of struggling against your thoughts and emotions, trust the well-being and goodness of who you are, and let the Universe demonstrate to you the ease that you are looking for. Practice self-care and soothe yourself by doing things that bring you joy and happiness. With time, you'll find that you have gained control over your emotions and are able to live your life with inner peace and calm.

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