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Series Part 1. The Art of Giving and Receiving: Finding Balance in the Exchange of Energies.

As we prepare for various celebrations, it's a good time to reflect on the balance of giving and receiving. Giving is often viewed as more comfortable than receiving, but this notion is not entirely accurate. In reality, giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin - an exchange of energies that must remain in balance for it to work harmoniously.

If we give too much and do not allow ourselves to receive, we create an imbalance in the exchange of energies. We may feel unworthy of receiving or feel like we will owe something to those who give to us. These beliefs and fears create resistance, preventing the natural flow of energy in the exchange. The result is resentment, depletion, and even anger.

On the other hand, when we give and receive in a balanced way, we co-create an atmosphere of joy and abundance. When we give with love and inspiration, and we are continuously replenished, we are in a state of natural alignment. The same applies to receiving; when we allow ourselves to receive, we open ourselves up to the vibrations of abundance and the magic of the universe. We find ourselves in the right place at the right time, and wonders happen in our environment.

However, if we perceive others as a source through which we are supposed to receive, or we feel used and taken advantage of, we are not in alignment. In this state, we don't have access to those who are inspired to give. Instead, we feel that others are responsible for our well-being, leading to unhappiness and an inability to manifest our desires.

To achieve a state of bliss in giving and receiving, we must first focus on feeling good. When we feel good, we are in the receiving mode and aligned with our soul and inner being. By being in alignment, we allow that which we want to come to us. In conclusion, balance is key in the exchange of energies between giving and receiving. By watching how we feel and aligning ourselves with positivity, we can create a world of abundance and joy. #Helpful Resources:

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