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The Four Most Expensive Words in the English Language

The Four Most Expensive Words in the English Language are 'This Time It's Different.' This quote by Sir John Templeton is so powerful because it highlights how easily we can deceive ourselves into believing that we are making progress or moving forward when, in reality, we are not. Lying to ourselves can be expensive, and this is especially true when we continue to repeat the same patterns of behavior and expect different results.

In order for something to be truly different, the core or the base that creates it needs to change. This means that we cannot simply hope for a new outcome without putting in the necessary work to create that change. We cannot just say, "this time it's different" and expect everything to magically fall into place.

The reason why these four words are the most expensive is that they often represent a false hope that things will change without us changing anything. We hope that this time we won't repeat the same mistakes or fall into the same bad habits, but we do not make any effort to change our behaviors or thought patterns.

For example, someone who struggles with gambling addiction may say, "this time I won't gamble away my kid's tuition," but if they do not take any steps to address the underlying issues that contribute to their addiction, they are likely to repeat the same mistakes.

Similarly, a student who says, "this time I will pass the exam without studying," is unlikely to achieve their goal if they do not put in the necessary effort to prepare for the exam.

The key to making a real change is to recognize that you are the source of all you want. If you want something to be different, you must work with yourself and your alignment with the energy that creates worlds. This means taking responsibility for your own life and making the necessary changes to create the outcome you desire.

It's important to understand that making real change takes effort and commitment. It requires us to be honest with ourselves about our shortcomings and to actively work to address them. It may be uncomfortable or difficult at times, but the end result will be worth it.

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