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From Denial to Acceptance: TheTransformative Journey of Embracing "The Truth Is"

The simple phrase "The truth is" can be both daunting and liberating, serving as a starting point for self-discovery and transformation. By acknowledging the truth of our feelings and desires, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and can start to make choices that align with our true selves.

One powerful way to harness the power of truth is by voicing our feelings, even if they may be uncomfortable or difficult to express. When we deny or suppress our emotions, we create a sense of inner turmoil and resentment. However, by acknowledging and expressing our feelings, we can release the emotional weight and move forward with clarity and purpose.

Additionally, embracing the truth can help us establish healthy boundaries and say "no" when necessary. By asking ourselves what our truth is before committing to something, we can honor our needs and priorities, while still respecting others.

In short, the power of honesty and acknowledging the truth can be life-changing, allowing us to live authentically and intentionally.

Simple Energy Technique is an excellent tool (that I use daily) to ensure I maintain my emotional health. Learn more about it here.

Example of using tapping when you are angry but pretending to be okay or trying to bury the feelings.

Using tapping (pressing the acupressure points with your fingers) start speaking out loud or with inside voice:

The truth is, I am extremely mad

So angry, so so so so angry

I am so annoyed and I am hurt

This is unacceptable

And I am just pretending to be okay

To make you like me or

Because I am afraid you will leave me

There is no way I am okay with what happened here

and I just want to honor that.

The truth is, I am afraid to say how I feel

It's so difficult for me to voice it

I am afraid, I am scared, I am just not able

I learned this long time ago

And now I suffer in silence.

I hide my feelings and they burst inside of me

So much pain, so much pain

I just want to honor that this is how I feel

and take a breath here. Repeat if necessary and add your own words, feelings, emotions to really speak your mind! You can also simply tap on the points (face or fingers) and focus on the feelings with no words. Do what feels best to you.

Letting your truth be spoken can really shift you because this is the reality of what you feel and the more you deny it, resist it, hide it, the stronger the resentment and hurt.

Voicing it will also help you transition out of the initial "fight or flight = stress response", out of REACT and into RESPOND.


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