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Trusting Your Inner Guidance: Letting Things Happen Instead of Forcing Them

Have you ever felt the tension, stress, and anxiety of trying to make something happen? The feeling that you have to do something, and that it needs to happen right now, can be overwhelming. However, what if we told you that you don't have to force anything to happen? What if you could trust your inner guidance and allow things to happen naturally? In this blog post, we'll explore the power of letting things happen and how trusting your inner guidance can lead to inspired action.

Inspired action is different from forced action. When you are inspired, you feel a gentle nudge, an idea, or a thought that guides you towards taking action. You feel elated and in the flow, and thoughts occur to you naturally. It's not sudden; you are being guided by your inner being. On the other hand, forced action feels tense, stressful, and creates resistance. If it requires force, there is resistance on the way.

It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to make things happen. You might say things like "I have to make it happen" or "I need this to be this way." But have you ever considered that trying to make things happen might be stopping what you want from coming easily? When you force action, you split your energy and move mountains of resistance. This tension is precisely what's stopping what you want from coming naturally.

So, how do you get to the place of trust and inspiration? The first step is to start with a meditation practice. Every day, take 15-20 minutes to quiet your mind. As your mind quiets, resistance lowers, and resistant thoughts stop. This allows your inner guidance system to be present to you. You'll feel the guidance as a good feeling inspired thought that leads to action because it's the logical next step. You'll lose yourself in the time you're doing the thing, and it feels seamless, and you'll see everything working out and coming together piece by piece.

The second thing you can do is tap. Tapping is clinically proven to lower stress, and as stress lowers, you can get the same outcome: a clear mind and calm focus on what you want to happen instead of the absence of it. IEP or SET are tapping techniques that can help release resistance and ease your very focused thoughts.

Remember, you are thinking things into being, not doing things into being. You are a human being, not a human doing. The best way to move through responsibilities is to set intentions and get lined up with your decisions. If you've already decided to do something, find a way to feel good about it and proceed.

In conclusion, the power of letting things happen is immense. When you trust your inner guidance, you allow the path of least resistance to open up. You don't have to make things happen; you can let them happen. Inspired action feels natural and enjoyable, while forced action creates tension and resistance. So, try less, trust more, and let the best way open up for you.

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