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Embracing Self-Care: The Liberating Power of Choosing Yourself

How often do we prioritize our own interests when facing difficult situations or issues? The answer is often "not often."

I believe this is because we're not taught to do so. Instead, we're taught to focus on the common interest or to please others, even if it means sacrificing our own well-being. However, this is not a healthy or fulfilling way to live. If we're punished or rejected for choosing ourselves, then we're not living our own lives.

This is a common trend that I see among my clients, regardless of their background or circumstances. We're taught that it's not okay to serve ourselves, even though the cost of putting others first can be heavy and overwhelming. It's important to ask ourselves, "What would I love to happen?" instead of always trying to please everyone else. We're used to making decisions based on what's available, but this often doesn't include what we truly want.

I don't want to suggest that this is only a women's issue, but I do think that women are often taught from a young age to prioritize others above themselves. Women are expected to be the ultimate caregivers, taking care of everything and everyone, from work to home to family to emotions. This can lead to a deep sense of neglect for our own needs and desires.

However, I believe that everyone is capable of finding their own strength and sorting out their own emotions. We can learn to accept others' choices and still prioritize our own well-being. We can allow ourselves to say, "What I would love to happen here is..." and act on that answer, without guilt or shame.

If this idea seems impossible or forbidden, I encourage you to schedule a clarity session with me. Let's work together to uncover what's holding you back from prioritizing your own needs and find a way forward towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

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