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The Power of Your Story: How Your Narrative Shapes Your Life

It’s time to start telling a new story! A story that reflects how you WANT things to be, how you WANT life to be, how and who YOU WANT to be in this world.

You see, there is really no trick to this. Thoughts that we think create patterns and these patterns become beliefs because, as Abraham Hicks teaches us “a belief is just a thought you keep thinking”. As a result of all this thinking, we form concrete ideas about how we think life can be for us and from here on now we start telling stories about [what is] with full conviction.

However, there is nothing to fear! What if I told you that there is a way to change your life simply by telling new stories? Yes, indeed.

Everything you or anyone else is living is in response to stories you tell! The way you think, feel, your moods, all of it together forming your point of attraction, which in turn brings all that you are currently observing into your experience.

What does telling new story require and accomplish?

Requirement 1: Conscious awareness of what the old stories are.


I can never get ahead in life.

I have inherited this behavior from my great uncle.

I am the worst at organization.

I am bad at math and, therefore, bad at finances.

I can never lose weight no matter what I do.

Money just doesn’t like me.

Life sucks.

Nothing is going the way I want it to.

Requirement 2: Ability to take a step back and see this story in a context of a big picture.

This step is important because after you became aware of running the old story, once again, taking a pause will allow you to see it for what it is – an old story – something that was, a misunderstanding based on the knowledge and observations available to you at that time – something that created a chance for you to now want new wonderful things instead and brought you here.

You now no longer see the old story as the truth or reality.

Requirement 3: New thought patterns.

If you want something to shift in the story you tell, you have to start telling the story in the way that shifts your emotions as you tell it. This means that you now leave the response you get from others out of the equation and look only for the response you get from your alignment with who you are.

The most important take away here is that you start or at least try to hear the story the way that the source (your inner being, higher self, soul, God) is telling it.

Your source is saying: you are worthy beyond belief, you are deserving, you are the smartest, you are so beautiful, you are financially abundant, you are free to do what you want, you are the source of everything you want … you are … you are … fill in the blanks.


  • I can never get ahead in life = I am successful at everything I do. I am loving the life I am living, it’s fun to expand and grow.

  • I have inherited this behavior from my great uncle = I am the only person who can define who and what I am. I am in control of the thoughts I think and feelings I feel. I am limitless.

  • I am the worst at organization = I love being organized, I enjoy it and I am actually really good at it.

  • I am bad at math and, therefore, bad at finances = I can do anything I want, I am good at math, it’s fun to learn and apply. I am abundant in nature.

  • I can never lose weight no matter what I do = I am really good at getting to and maintain my ideal weight. It’s easy and enjoyable for me. I love being at my ideal weight. Well-being is always coming to me.

  • Money just doesn’t like me = Money is like air to me, it just is, just present, just available to me all the time. I love having money and I love redefining my relationship with money; it’s fun to manage my finances.

  • Life sucks = Life is pretty good for me

  • Nothing is going the way I want it to = Things are getting better all the time.

The point is – whatever you decide IS and whatever you decide is formed by those beliefs we mentioned in the beginning; beliefs that are consistently offered thoughts.

What is your new story going to be? There is no limit. You can choose to do, be or have whatever you want considering you can believe it and think about exactly that (what you want) while ignoring the old stories.

What does telling new story accomplish?

Your life is turning out to be the way you tell the story and not the other way around! Your future is happening because of the story you are telling now.

You’ve got to talk about things YOU WANT and EXPECT.

Telling new story accomplishes a beginning of a new trend for you: talking about the life you want, the way you want it; talking about how you want to be, who you want to be, how you want to feel; talking about getting things you want and how easily.

You are telling the story only the way you want it to be.

How to tell a new story?

Sometimes, it seems like telling the old story is a lot easier and is more natural to you BUT it’s only because that story is so very practiced. Which means that as your new stories get momentum, you will never look back! It will be as easy as pie.

Demand the new story from yourself. Give yourself permission to tell it in a new way and to own it! You are telling a story of what’s becoming and not of what has been. You are telling the story of creation.

As you become intentional about what you say (no longer talking about things you don’t want to repeat in your experience), you also become intentional about what you think.

You are telling a story that:

· FEELS how you want to feel,

· FEELS real,

· FEELS full,

· FEELS better and better the more you tell it.

You are telling a story:

· WITHOUT explanations,

· WITHOUT backstory,

· WITHOUT focusing on what parts of old story you believe or what parts of new story you don’t believe. JUST THE STORY.

I want to share a quick client story where we used “new story” method.

We will call my friend and client Valerie (V).

V contacted me because she was serious about getting a divorce. She suspected her husband cheating and he was a huge financial burden on her. V's old story dictated that she had to do it for the person she loved and ignore herself! As V reached out, we went over a myriad of “stories” that were detailed explanations of why things were the way they were, why they sucked and, most importantly, why she could not have what she wanted instead.

As we started to inquire what the new story could be and what she wanted it to be, and done the work around it, the results were MIND-BLOWING:

*** V is not divorced; their relationship is better than ever!

*** V received a wonderful new job offer and they are moving to a new state, both super excited and looking forward to new experiences they will now share.

*** V is focused on taking care of herself and what she wants more and more while learning to let others take care of their needs and take responsibility for their lives, and emotions.

Valerie’s new story goes like this:

I am worthy of what I want. I believe that I can have what I want. I love my relationship with my husband. We share a strong bond that grows and expands constantly. We spend lovely quality time together. We are financially equipped to travel and vacations where we’ve always wanted. We are closer than ever.

I love being responsible only for my own life and I love being surrounded by people who are independent, who easily take care of themselves, who depend only on their connection between them and their source; people that I can co-create with in joy and appreciation.

My life is a dream, I get to do what I love and be financially well compensated for it.

I am confident in being who I am and presenting myself this way because I love being surrounded by compassionate, passionate, knowledgeable people who are interested in looking and feeling forward; people who are respectful and considerate. We have lots of fun together as co-creators while staying independent in our own alignment. Things are getting better and better for me because I am worth it.

From this point on, you are only talking about the things you want!

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