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While Intention Based Energy Process (IEP), Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping have produced excellent results and are gaining in scientific support, neither are yet widely accepted as formally validated scientific techniques and thus must be considered experimental in nature with no guaranteed outcome in any individual. Both practitioners and members of the general public must therefore take complete responsibility for their own use of IEP, SET and EFT.

Neither SET nor IEP or EFT are therapies in themselves and all of the descriptions of treatment and advice on this website that refer to self-help are not meant to imply that everyone will benefit in a particular way. A lack of result or progress may mean you need professional assistance.

Adverse effects are extremely rare, and, if any emotional intensity occurs in treatment, it is often the manifestation of a previous or underlying problem. If you consider that you have long-standing or severe problems, you should consider treatment with a qualified therapist.

As a result of their experimental nature, Mariya/Re-Evolve does not know with certainty in advance how someone can be helped or if the techniques will help a particular person with a particular problem. 

I agree that my emotional and physical health is my responsibility.  I assume and accept the risk of any adverse outcome that might result from using the techniques demonstrated or taught on this site. I understand that Mariya/Re-Evolve does not recommend that I, or any person with whom I may use the techniques, stop using any prescribed medicine or other therapy that I or he/she may be using, without consulting a doctor, even if the techniques appear to indicate that such medicine or therapy is unnecessary. 

By viewing this site, I agree that Mariya/Re-Evolve will have no liability to me for any damage to my emotional or physical health arising in any way whatsoever out of my use of the techniques.

Before Using Tapping:

• Wash your hands thoroughly (20 seconds) before tapping on your face

• Tapping is not a replacement for proper medical care

• If you are feeling sick, please follow local guidelines about how and when to contact medical professionals

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