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professional success

What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling – every single time.

abraham hicks

success stories:

Mariya makes such a safe and inviting space to open your heart...I was having such a difficult time sorting through my feelings, my family and my future...and she brought me back to myself, and to the abilities that I have within me. I am beyond thankful for the comfort that she has brought to me, and to have a renewed respect for myself and my purpose. So much love for you, M!

I started to work with Mariya using Intention Tapping or IEP (Intention Based Energy Process). There was a huge resistance initially as I was trained in the UK with the attitude of "stiff upper lip". But after working with Mariya, I have since learnt to lean into my body and question what it is trying to tell me all these years. She created a safe space for me to do so. Thank you Mariya.

I have found the process to be gentle and easy as it doesn’t require too much thought or conversation.  I have had many Ah-Ha moments and I was able to connect with the process and relay to Mariya what I was noticing.  My sessions ended with me feeling motivated, calm and a feeling that things had shifted, and I was somehow lighter having let go of the beliefs that no longer served me.

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