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harmonious relationships

"everything is a reflection of your relationship with your inner being." 


success stories:

Mariya is a wonderful practitioner, so talented, kind, patient and intuitive. I have had several sessions with her and with grace and skill she has navigated me through challenging issues to a place of clarity and confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make significant changes in their lives. Thank you Mariya!

Mariya helped me get to the core issues beneath my concerns with expert questioning and insight and helped me focus on clearing my limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Mariya to anyone who is looking for relief from particularly stubborn problems."

In my first session with Mariya I instantly felt at ease.  She was innately warm and compas-sionate. Mariya built rapport with empathy and respect and demonstrated a knowledge and understanding well beyond her years (An old soul).  She held the space with such confidence that I felt supported and safe, and I trusted I could discuss anything with her including that I was using alcohol in the evenings to relax.

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